Offering freelance services related to the family and home. I personally do many things myself in my home. I have a business license to help people like myself and those on a small budget. I offer these services:

  • Small Engine repair & recycling (Seasonal Service and diagnosis)
    • Normal service consists of a Carburetor Cleaning, blade sharpening, oil check. (Mowers and other 4-stroke engines preferred) Will service snowblowers at any time.
    • My rate is $30/hour + materials (No mark up on materials so no sales tax)
    • I will look at weed eaters but they often take more time than they are worth to repair. My advice is to leave fuel in them with stabilizer. It is best to use the Briggs and Stratton stabilizer
  • Parts Replacement on Vehicles
    • I purchase OEM recommended parts from Auto Zone, and I follow recommended procedures in Haynes Service manuals. I replace old, worn-out parts, in your vehicle. I am NOT ASE certified. My services are not for everyone. I only serve those who can’t afford a normal shop. My goal is not to put other shops out of business but take the customers who can’t afford them.
    • I purchase the manual for your vehicle, so if you already have one, I would rather borrow it from you and save a few dollars or you can shop around online. You can either pick one up at Auto Zone for $30 or find one cheaper on Dealoz.com. I have found them for around $16 including shipping.
    • I do bearing replacement, brake pad replacement, fluid filling & check, and other basic part replacement. More intensive services like transmission and engine replacement I expect the part to be prepaid and a prepayment of 50% of the estimated labor cost. My services typically cost half of the dealership cost.
    • My hourly rate is $30
  • Computer Consulting
    • I assist in basic operations of Personal Computers. I have helped with virus removal, browser management, software installation, diagnosis of computer problems. I use Malwarebytes for virus identification and removal.
    • I charge $20/ hour for seniors and $30/hour for all other customers.
  • Other Services
    • I have several tillers for rental or service. It typically takes 20 minutes to do a 10×10 garden. $30/hour
    • Mowing: Since I repair mowers, I recycle mowers and retain mowers for servicing yards. During the summer, depending on clientele volume, I plan to employ students in yard maintenance.
    • Sprinkler Service: I have installed full systems and maintained existing systems.
    • Tutoring: I teach High School during the year. During the summer I will be tutoring by appointment only. $30/hour. My strongest subjects are English, Math, Spanish, and Science.
  • Credentials
    • I have been doing construction and maintenance for over a decade.
    • I have owned my own business for 6+ years.
    • I have a Bachelor of Arts from Dixie State University in English with an Emphasis in Technical Writing.
    • I speak fluent Spanish.
  • Contact
    • I am based in Price, Utah. 
    • Email infocustech15@gmail.com for details or an appointment.


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